Examine the Door

The entire doorClick on the image at left to see an enlarged version of the entire door.

We have pages showing the top portion of the door and the bottom portion of the door so you can get a better look at the names on those sections.

Notice the name Lobo Nocho. Lobo is the artist who painted this design on the door and who did many well known art works at that time. Lobo was the companion of actress Sarah Churchill. Lobo's photograph appears in Churchill's book, Keep on Dancing: An Autobiography, in a shot of Churchill, Lobo and Lobo's dog.

The dog is significant, because musicians sometimes brought their dogs with them to the Mars Club, and those names were added to the door along with the people's names. You might have wondered about "Fluffie" and "Cha-Ba-Da" and a couple of the names in the curve above the piano keys section of the photo. Those were dogs! Lobo's own dog, Cha-Ba-Da is, of course, among them.

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