The Bottom View

Small image of the bottom portion of the doorYou can see an enlarged version of the bottom of the door by clicking on the image at left.

Many of the artists on this photo made one or two records that may be decades old now. Often they are only available on vinyl from collectors or from auction sites like ebay. Donna Hightower, for example, released two albums that are now out of print. She was reputed to be a terrific vocalist.

Names on the bottom of the door are less well known, perhaps. These names each represent a complete musical story that we are not going to attempt to tell here, at least at the site's beginnings. We will add information about musicians whose names appear on the door as we learn it.

You see Lobo's signature in the bottom view. After leaving Paris, Lobo later had an art gallery in New York City. Barbary and Barney Butler just happened to be living in New York City at the same time. One day Barbara noticed a man walking a dog and realized it was Lobo himself. She said, "Is that Cha-Ba-Da?" and they reconnected, discovering they were living in the same neighborhood and that Lobo's gallery was nearby.

Look at the top of the door.